Today, In This Post I’m going to show you How you can Block Somebody on the YouTube Mobile App from commenting and engaging on your YouTube videos.

So, All we need to do is find somebody that you’re looking to block, maybe they’ve left a comment or you’ve got your own reasons that you want to block people.

How to Block Someone on Your YouTube Channel

Just follow the steps to block people on your own youtube channel

Step 1:– First, Login to Your YouTube Channel

Step 2:– Click on YouTube Studio

Step 3:– Than Click on Settings

Step 4:– Click on Community Tab

Step 5:– Go To Hidden User Tab

Step 6:– Add User YoutTube Channel Link URL in Hidden User Tab

Step 7:– Copy-Paste User channel Link URL in Hidden User Tab

Step 8:– Now Click on Save

Step 9:– That’s it…

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