How to Download YouTube Videos on Mobile or Laptop or PC

If you want to watch YouTube videos offline, download them this way on mobile and portable devices

YouTube is popular all over the world and almost everyone uses this platform to watch videos. Of course, you must also watch videos on YouTube and you must have liked a video at some point that you want to download.

So, Today we are going to talk in a special way here, with the help of which you can easily download any YouTube video from your cellphone to your laptop. Let’s see how to download videos from youtube.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Your Mobile Devices

Step 1: Open Youtube to download the video of your choice on your mobile

Step 2: Open the video you want to download

Step 3: You will see the download option in the lower right corner, click on it

Step 4: You will now be asked about the quality of the video.

Step 5: Choose one of the options according to you

Step 6: After that, the video will be downloaded and go to the Library section.

Here you can watch videos without an internet connection.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer or Laptop

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome to download videos on your Computer and laptop

Step 2: Go to go to this site

Step 3: Now paste the link of the video you want to download here.

Step 4: Select the video quality after pasting the link.

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Step 5: After that, your video will be Downloaded

You can watch this video on a computer and laptop without the internet.


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