What is Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)? How it Works?

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Do you want to know What is facial recognition technology? and How does it work? Know everything about it.

Today, facial recognition technology is used in smartphones to make the phone system more secure and easier to block.

Nowadays, The technology available on smartphones has become very advanced. The locking system was started so that no one other than us could use the phone. When this technology progressed, the pin and the pattern started with it.

After a while, the technology progressed further and then came the fingerprint reader. Now the situation is that by simply holding the smartphone in front of the face, the phone lock is opened. How do you open the phone with just your face?

After all, what is the technology behind this, that’s a great question. So the answer is facial recognition technology. Tell us what it is and how it works.

What is Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)?

Facial recognition technology is actually part of the biometric technology that helps a person identify you by their face. People also recognize it as a basic biometric artificial intelligence application, which is used to identify a person based on the shape of the retina of their eyes, nose and face.

The facial recognition system is used to identify people in a photo, video or in real time. However, sometimes it can also be dangerous as there can be a risk of error in the recognized data which can turn innocent people into criminals at the time of police check.

How Does the FRT Technology Works?

Facial recognition technology works on an algorithmic scale, where you recognize the face you see, but the technology sees data from the face. This data can be stored and viewed. This technique unlocks the phone by reading the data. This technology is used for security on most smartphones today.

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