Top 10 Best Online Dating Security Tips

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In today’s day and age, these 10 online dating security tips to make the difference between finding the love of your life or having a very bad experience. Please consider each step before engaging in online dating:

1) Only use safe dating sites

If you’re looking for the level of your life it is important that you only use safe dating sites that have a proven track record. The main reason for utilizing these sites has already been covered in number one but another main concern is so that you can safely back out of any meeting of anyone that makes you feel comfortable.

2) Never give out your real address

It is important that you never give out your real address or personal information online to anyone. You need to develop trust and this can be done over time through save dating sites that allow you to exchange information without revealing all of your most intimate details

3) Background checks

Once you have someone’s name, in today’s day and age you absolutely should do a background check on them. I know this is not very romantic, but it is important that you find out right away whether or not your potential mate has had serious legal issues.

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4) Don’t rush a meeting

Take the time to get to know the person before you actually meet face-to-face. Over the weeks of conversation, idiosyncrasies can begin to emerge to give you clues as to whether or not the individual is safe to meet in person.

5) NEVER use craigslist

Most of us have heard about the tragic events of people trying to date other people utilizing craigslist. This is because once you give away your personal information people can stalk you. Stay away from any form of social media, such as craigslist when it comes to looking for a mate.

6) Never leave a drink or purse unattended

Never leave your drink or personal property like a purse unattended. Predators love to go through personal information and a new trend is drugging people’s drinks in order to take advantage of them. If you leave your purse unattended, your information can be quickly searched and memorized.

7) Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security

You are essentially meeting a stranger when you choose to meet somebody for the first time. People always present themselves in the best light so remember that you must remain hyper vigilant for any signs that your potential date they have insidious plans for you! Just because you exchanged e-mails and a few phone conversations doesn’t mean that the person you are meeting has your best interest at heart.

8) Talk on Skype

Use Skype if you’re going to have conversations. This allows you not to give out your main phone number and if things are looking bad, you can simply remove the individual and block them from ever contacting you. Never give out your phone number until many months have allowed you to build a rapport and trust.

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9) Meet in a neutral place

Once you decide you would like to meet someone, make sure it is a very public and neutral place. Never invite anyone directly to your home nor should you let them know where you live. Have several meetings in a safe and neutral place surrounded by lots of people so that if you get strange vibes you can walk away.

10) Tell your friends where you will be

Letting friends and family know that you’re going to be visiting board meeting a potential date is always a good idea. Tell them where you’re going, how long you’re going to be gone and when you expect to return. Make sure that you mentioned this to the person that you will also be meeting that you have friends that are expecting to meet you later and that they are aware you are on a date with the person that you are meeting with. This step may actually save your life so do not skip it!


Unfortunately steps like this are necessary to protect yourself today. These 10 online dating security tips may actually save your life so don’t forget to use them.

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