How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Chrome or Firefox

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WhatsApp Web is now one of the most popular messaging apps in the whole world.

WhatsApp Web allows you to use WhatsApp on your PC, Laptop. If you have enabled Dark Mode on WhatsApp for Android Smartphone then you may be wondering how you can enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode on your browser.

Now WhatsApp Web Dark Mode is easy to do it, and certainly a lot more enjoyable to use. There are two ways to enable WhatsApp web dark mode and we are going to show you both ways in this post.

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web on Chrome or Firefox

Here’s how you can get started with dark mode on WhatsApp Web on Your Browser.

Step-1: Go to WhatsApp Web on your computer

Step-2: Log in via the QR code

You can do this, Just open WhatsApp on your phone -> Tap on three-dots icon on the top-right -> Go to Settings -> WhatsApp Web.

Step-3: Right-click on the WhatsApp Web page and Click on Inspect Element

Step-4: Now Search for body class=”web”
Note : You might have to search for body class=”web text-rendering-bug-fix” is well.

Step-5: Right Click this line than click on Edit.

Step-6: Now change it to body class=”web dark”

Step-7: Press Enter on the keyboard

Step-8: That’s it. Now you can enjoy dark mode on WhatsApp Web.

Now, In case you find any difficulties, You can also install the Stylus addon on your browser.

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