How To Enable Copy And Paste In Command Prompt

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Copy and paste is one such option in Windows PCs that Windows users are very much used to. It makes the tasks quite simple and fast to do. There will likely be no pc user without the data of those copy and paste options.

But anyhow it does not work in the command prompt window where it’s really wanted sometimes to enter the prolonged and not really easy commands.

How to Enabling Copy & Paste In Command Prompt

So, now we have made this article that will make it easier to learn the process of enabling copy and paste in command immediately with easy steps.

Step 1: Open the run command by clicking Ctrl + R

Step 2: And then type CMD within the field and click on okay

Step 3: Then you will see the command prompt window open, just right click on the title bar.

Step 4: After that, choose the Properties option from the pop-up window

Step 5: Now you can see the properties window open, simply tap on the options tab and ensure the checkbox for the Quick Edit Mode is has a tick in it.

Step 6: Enabling this Quick Edit Mode within the CMD window allows the users to copy something from the CMD window and paste it someplace or else. they will also copy something anywhere and paste it within the command prompt window

Step 7: You can simply copy the text wherever you found the required one after which open the CMD, just right-click on the mouse and you can find the copies text pasted in the window

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And if in case you want to copy something in the CMD window, simply choose the required text and then right-click the mouse and it will be copied, you can paste it somewhere else

So, don’t worry about typing the lengthy command if you ever occur too, simply make use of this easy but very helpful copy and paste function and make life simple.

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