Popular Basic Dog Training Commands: Come, Whoa, and Heel Command

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We are frequently amazed by superb bird dogs in films and in action. They perform admirably as bird dogs and never fail to obey their masters’ directions. Then we ask ourselves, “How could this be possible?” Is it possible that bird dog training would bring out the best in my dog?

Checkout Popular Basic Dog Training Commands

The basic answer is yes, but you must put in a lot of effort.

A variety of dog breeds can be trained to be good bird dogs. Training them to follow commands could be a smart place to start. Professional dog trainers recognise that in order for a dog to respond to a command, it must grasp the language being used. There are only three primary commands that both the owner and the dog must master in this style of training. The come!, whoa!, and heel! are their names.

“Whoa” Command

The whoa! command is the most basic command. This command indicates to the dog that he should come to a halt and not move until he is commanded to. If the dog entirely obeys this command, it demonstrates how obedient and respectful he is to his master. Complete obedience is demonstrated by the dog obeying the command regardless of the distance between the command giver and the dog.

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Dog Training Commands and Hand Signals
Dog Training Commands and Hand Signals

This command is also excellent for dogs that are running too fast, for flushing the bird on his own and the owner wants him to stop, and for dogs who want to play with the bird. It would also be simpler for the dog’s owner to approach him and praise him for a job well done.

“Heel” Command

The heel! command is the most efficient way to get your dog to walk with you. To signify his release, it’s usually paired with another one-word instruction like “okay” or “go.” This will inform him that he has done admirably and that he is free to hunt for you once more.

Dog Training Commands List PDF
Dog Training Commands List PDF

Never fail to acknowledge the dog’s accomplishments with a tap, a treat, or a praise. Fine dogs have a natural desire to please their people. If you can show your dog that his performance is gratifying you and you want him to do it again, the best thing you can do is praise him. So long as you let him, he will learn to repeat the same favorable action over time.

“Come” Command

This order merely instructs the dog to approach you as instructed. This command has a straightforward set of applications. For instance, retrieving would be a lot easier if the dog would come to you as soon as you say so. There are some dogs that are a little stubborn and will go in other directions. Giving this command will keep you and your dog at a safe distance in case he decides to do things his own.

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Dog Training Commands in Different Languages
Dog Training Commands in Different Languages


It’s not easy to train a bird dog. This is why there aren’t enough dog birds to go around. However, if you truly want to train your dog to be an excellent bird hunter, you must be willing to devote some time and patience to mastering the three main commands employed in this training.

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