Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker to Monitor your Cryptocurrencies

Rate this post is a simple portfolio tracker that combines excellent usability and attractive appearance. It offers a great user experience by showing important metrics, headlines, and altcoin statistics in an easy-to-understand format and allowing users to create various portfolios and watchlists. was founded in late 2017 by a group of remote developers from Eastern Europe and the Bay Area. With its simple UI and clear product positioning, the app gained substantial traction in 2017–2018 through organic growth with no paid advertising.

The original creators decided to focus on other pursuits during the previous few years, but the website remained up and continues to generate roughly 30’000 unique visitors each month. Over 200’000 portfolios have been formed with the programme to date. is currently developing an acquisition process, which will be publicised as soon as possible. We have a new team in charge of the project, and our goal is to upgrade to 2.0 in the coming months.

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