Teenagers Prefers to Watch YouTube Instead of Netflix

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A recent report tells us that teenagers in the United States like to watch more videos on YouTube, which is owned by Google, than on Netflix.

The report, conducted by an investment bank called Piper Sandler, says that teens spend about 28.7% of their time watching videos on Netflix and 29.1% of their time on YouTube. This shows that YouTube is very popular among young people and that there’s a lot of competition in the streaming video industry.

This report talked to more than 9,000 teenagers in the US in September of this year. These teenagers were around 16 years old on average.

The report also told us that TikTok has become the most liked social platform among teens, with a 38% increase. Snap is the second favorite, and Instagram is third.

Around 70% of teens have used Spotify in the last six months, which is a bit more than before (it used to be 68%). Additionally, 46% of teens choose to pay for Spotify, which is up from 44%.

The iPhone is still really popular among teens, with 87% of them owning one, and 88% plan to get an iPhone as their next phone.

When teens need customer service, most of them prefer using their mobile devices (about 50%). Text messages have also become a more popular way to get help over the years, as mentioned in the report.

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