How to Find Information on Corona Vaccine Center on Whatsapp

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COVID 19 Vaccine Center Information on WhatsApp: If you do not have much information about the Vaccination Center near your home, Don’t worry, Now you will get all the information only by sending a message on WhatsApp.

Currently, In India cases of Corona infection are increasing day by day, the process of vaccination is also going on now in the country to avoid this epidemic.

If you also want to get information about Corona Vaccine and find out where the Corona Vaccine Center is near the house, now you can find the Vaccination Center near the house while just chatting on Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Officially posting from MyGovIndia Twitter handle, it has been informed that on WhatsApp, MyGov Corona Helpdesk will now tell about the nearest vaccination center of the people. The helpdesk also provides support in both Hindi and English languages.

Although the default language is set English but if you want, you can change the language to Hindi also.

Now you must be thinking on which mobile number you have to message, that is, and what is the whole process of getting the details, Let us give you complete step by step information.

How to Find Information on Corona Vaccine Center on Whatsapp (Step By Step)

Step 1:- First of all, you need to save the number 9013151515 in your phone.

Step 2:- After saving the number, open your WhatsApp in the phone.

Step 3:- WhatsApp opens, open the chat box with the saved number.

Step 4:- Just Send Namaste, the chatbot will reply to you from the front with 9 other options.

Step 5:- To get information about the vaccination center, you have to send 1 by writing.

Step 6:- After this step, you will get 2 options, 1 of which will have to be sent by writing 1 for the information of nearest center.

Step 7:- After, this you will be asked to enter your PIN code.

Step 8:- As soon as you write the PIN code of your area and send it, You will get all the information about the vaccination center near the PIN code.

That’s it. You have completed all the steps related to COVID 19 Vaccine Center Information on WhatsApp.

Do you have any question related to COVID 19 Vaccine Center Information on WhatsApp! Please let us know in comment section.

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