How to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk available now on Facebook

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We all keep posting thing on our Facebook Timeline. Till now there was no option to delete posts on Facebook. But now Facebook allows its users to delete posts in bulk. So today we will learn how to delete posts in bulk on Facebook.

Facebook has introduced a new management activity feature for its users day by day which allows users to view all the posts shared by them on social media platforms. Users can search for posts, photos, check-ins, videos such as dates, people, text updates, etc. anytime to see specific posts from any person or subject.

However, by far the most important feature of the Management Activity tab is the ability to select and delete multiple positions.

Since this makes them very easy to open your Facebook profile by removing unwanted and embarrassing posts.

This new feature is currently being rolled out for Android and iOS devices and also let you know that it will be available on both Facebook app and Facebook Lite app.

Steps to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk

Step 1. Open Facebook app or Facebook Lite app app on your smartphone

Step 2. Login with your Credentials

Step 3. Open your profile by tapping on your photo in the top left corner

Step 4. After that, tap on the Go to Activity Log button

Step 5. Then, you tap on the Manage Activity option

Step 6. After that select any filter you want to remove, or any filter you want to separate from other posts.

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Step 7. Now, tap on them and select several posts

Step 8. Now after this, if you want to delete them, tap on the trash button and select Archive if you want to hide these posts from others.

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