Are you looking for a Best Visitor Counter Plugins for WordPress, If you have your own a WordPress web site then having the correct set of tools can help you take your webpage to the next level. it’s sufficiently far to have a good facilitating, fantastic subject and content. It’s likewise very important to break down your site. Data analytics is the central information instrument for someone hoping to reinforce the execution and visibility of their web site or weblog.

You need to search out out who your audience it, who is visiting your website, where they’re coming from, what they’re reading. sadly, WordPress doesn’t include a built-in stats feature to watch traffic and visitors, however, there are definitely some plugins you’ll be able to use to keep the record of your data amount, the chase of the users and guests tracks the offline activity, etc.

Visitor counter WordPress plugins are always awesome expansion to any WordPress site or blog since they enable you to effectively monitor what number of visitors you have on your website/blog.

So Here, we have researched for the simplest visitor counter plugins for WordPress and come up with the best 11 Visitor Counter plugins that are available totally free. These plugins are very easy to put in and use and they give you complete details about visitor statistics. Such statistics are helpful for increasing the popularity of your blog within the competitive online world.


List of best 11 Free WordPress Visitor Counter plugins:

Let see all Visitor Counter Plugin one by one.

1. Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Jetpack is one in all those all in one Plugin for all things in WordPress. It’s a plugin that gets itself on every high WordPress plugin list, and permanently reason too. It’s free and it will everything from stat views, web site improvement and security. a good WordPress website analytics tool. OK, thus yes its biggest advantage is additionally its biggest disadvantage, it can’t be nice at everything and not price a dime. But, here is why i think you must have it. specifically for 3 reasons, traffic growth and insights, image performance and client support.

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2. Awesome Visitor Counter

Awesome Visitor Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Awesome Visitor Counter introduce our visitor Counter Plugin through the WordPress catalog and Added to any widget, sidebar or footer that your topic permits. you may have the capability to trace, investigate and even print the outcomes for individual documentation. sit back and watch the counter ascent with every visit.

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3. WP Statistics

WP Statistics WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

WP Statistics plugin has its own sadly WordPress doesn’t include built in stats feature to watch traffic and visitors means of grouping, generating, informing you about the web log statistics. Pages that are getting the best number of visitors. Plugins allow Repost of statics through email. who is visiting your web site right now or at the moment? what number people are online on the web site right now? Updates to the GeoIP information.

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4. WD Google Analytics

Google Analytics WD WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

WD Google Analytics is a complicated easy all in one plugin, that allows to manage and monitor your web site analytics from WordPress dashboard. alternative powerful options includes comparison by knowledge vary and metrics and additionally accessible advance tracking choices.

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5. Analytics 360

Analytics 360 WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

It gathers the Google Analytics and MailChimps Analytics360 plugin information into one dashboard. you’ll make sure that users are adding into your Website and what’s the status of current address and also the new addresses. With the tab of Every campaign traffic, you’ll be able to individually assess that how much traffic is returning towards your web site with the one email campaign.

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6. Personal Hit Counter

Personal Hit Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Personal Hit Counter Plugin indicates however usually someone visits a specific website from a specific program. The module can naturally coordinate with your Theme’s shading, matter vogue, style. Guest can think it because the piece of your subject. within the event that you just utilize this module in various topics, you may feel the change. No writing learning or power required! You won’t have to utilize any short-code or to alter settings.

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7. Visitor Counter Plugin

Visitor Counter Plugin WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Visitor Counter Plugin is a Perfectly designed, extremely stimulating, smartly coded, graphically smooth, uniquely recent and spectacular WordPress plugin. This plugin is totally compatible with WordPress. this is often totally customizable WordPress plugin. this can be terribly simple to use and setup in seconds.

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8. WP Counter

WP Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

WP Counter is a ultra skilled, superbly clean, wonderfully versatile, feature-rich, dashing and cool plugin for WordPress websites. This plugin is often a professional and easy visitor counter for your WordPress connected websites. This plugin enable you to work out for your unique website visitor standing in numerous date range (week, month, year) on your web site.

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9. Simple Post Views Counter

Simple Post Views Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Simple Post Views Counter WordPress plugins embody and shows all views each post all around during your website and spares it to the information. The views are checked when a page or post is asked for or refreshed interesting and non-extraordinary guests and is shown within the passage meta of each post.

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10. POWr Hit Counter

POWr Hit Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

POWr hit counter could be a free cloud based mostly WordPress module you’ll be able to alter in your live page. This Plugin create a POWr record to get to the full module of your Website. the reason for the module is to demonstrate the WP website chairman what number of visits per page daily to their WP site.

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11. Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter

Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter WordPress Visitor Counter plugins

Who Hit The Page Counter is Associate in Nursing invisible hit counter for your WordPress web site, it does not show guests that they’re counted, instead it helps understand concerning your visitors by registering their data therefore you’ll know wherever they’re and what browser they use to look at your web site.

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Well, that’s all from our side on Best Visitor counter WordPress plugins. The above list we have listed all free plugins you can choose according to your need.

If you still have any queries, you can comment it in below comment section.



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