Facebook Now Officially to tell users on How it makes money

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Facebook has announced the introduction of new terms of service, which tell its more than 2 billion users how it makes money, removes harmful content and takes care of users’ intellectual property rights.

How facebook makes money

The updates are effective from July 31 2020, the Facebook company said in a statement on Thursday, a result of input from Facebook’s work with the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network and ongoing conversations with their policymakers, regulators, and consumer protection experts around to the world.

Facebook said it would clarify when people share their content – such as photos and videos and that they own intellectual property rights in that content.

They allow us to display that content and that permission which expires when the content is removed from Facebook. It works on online services and is always the same on Facebook, said Benker said.

When people delete content they share, Facebook provides more information about this.

For example, when you delete something you post, it is not visible, but it can take up to 90 days to be removed from our system.

Facebook also claimed that “We do not sell your personal data”

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