7 Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally Without Any Side Effects

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There are a number of facts that should be considered by you before considering the pregnancy along with your partner. The fact is true that almost every healthy couple could get pregnant easily in a year of time without any problem. Lifestyle of the female partners who want to conceive is a factor mainly responsible for whether they could be able to conceive easily or not.

This is why conception is understood as directly proportional to the living style of couples. There are certainly a number of things that should be looked upon because they are impacting the health condition of couples severely. The habits like drinking alcohol should be avoided by both of the partners in order to get pregnant easily. The fact is true prior as well as posterior to conception for females whereas only prior for male partners.

Some women have an easy time conceiving, while others struggle. To be able to bear a child, some couples resort to tantra, mantra, pooja, and vrats. It should not be too difficult to conceive unless there are specific conditions in the husband or wife that make it tough. Follow the tips in this article.

Here are given a number of ways to get pregnant naturally without side effects.

1) Avoid Alcohol Prior and Post-Conception

This is a fact that use of alcohol posterior to the conception could lose the health of the child being raised in the womb of the female. If it is done during the first 3 months of pregnancy then the chances of miscarriage also got high. Hence it can be said that drinking alcohol cannot do any good of the male or female that want to raise a child. Considering the impact of alcohol on male partner, it has been proven that the quality of sperm ejaculation is also being reduced by using alcohol.

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This way the process of fertilization becomes more difficult as the sperm is not healthy. This does also impacts the health of the child in womb directly and when the child comes in the outer world he is more prone to various diseases. Hence in order to get pregnant naturally without side effects the couples are suggested not to use the alcohol while they plan for pregnancy until the birth of the child takes place.

2) Diet and body weight

A woman’s health and physical state must be ideal in order for her to conceive. It is critical to eat well in order to generate the conditions that allow for pregnancy. Women (and men) need to eat nutritious foods that are high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Zinc and selenium are very significant minerals. Vitamin C, E, B12, beta carotene, and minerals must be included in a woman’s diet. The importance of body weight cannot be overstated. It is difficult to conceive if a woman is underweight or overweight, so attempt to get to the proper body weight first.

3) Stop Smoking

Smoking is also another vice that should not be preferred at all by the couples planning to conceive or especially by the female partner when she had done with the process of conceiving and a child is being raised in her womb. The reason for this simple advice can be stated that the smoking can severely impact the life of the child in the womb of the mother who is about to give birth to a child.

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The smoking do also impacts on the fertility level of both of the partners hence they are less prone to done with the tasks required for pregnancy. The other reason that why one should not smoke is that the habit of smoking could not be easily left by the person as and when required. Hence one should stop smoking in order to get pregnant naturally without side effects.

4) Stress

Stress might make it difficult to conceive. Reduce your stress levels if you want to start a family. Yoga and pranayama are beneficial to your health. If you’re working too much, take a break, go on a vacation, and try to conceive.

5) Exploiting the Fertility Period

Thereis spread a misconception about the fertility periods among the peoples that a women ovulates every fourteen days. This is the half time of complete menstrual cycle. However this is not necessarily true that she will ovulate after 14 days only instead the time may be altered by the living and life style of the female. However the fact is true only in case if she is lasting with her menstrual cycle in 28 days.

However the rule is also not universally applicable. This is why in order to avail the fertility period to get pregnant you are required to take proper actions to know the ovulation time in spite of guessing it on the basis of the general information. Hence by exploiting the fertile period properly you can easily get pregnant naturally without side effects.

6) Do It as Per a Proper Time Table

In order to get pregnant easily you can do the sexual intercourse with your partner at the same time for daily. This can be easily done by making a time table. Since stress is an important factor impacting or inhibiting the chances of getting pregnant by a woman. It is the stress due to which the life time of egg in the fallopian tube reduced to be one or two days only. Hence it can impact the fertility of females. However doing everything on a timed schedule can easily make you free from the stress hence increasing the chances of conception. This is also an important factor to get pregnant naturally without side effects.

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7) Make Love Often

Making love often and whenever in mood by the partners could also increase the chance of getting female pregnant as a result of this love making. It should be done for around once in two days to get better and healthy sperm count of male partners. Since this has no side effect if you do it often. Hence this is also a good way to get pregnant naturally without side effects.

By following the above tips, you can easily get pregnant without any side effects. So take these tips in to consideration you will surely get good results!

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