How to Use New IRCTC Tatkal Ticket App

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IRCTC Tatkal Ticket App

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket App: Tatkal tickets will be available for purchase online, allowing you to travel by rail with ease.

IRCTC has recently developed a dedicated app for travellers purchasing Tatkal tickets, which can provide you with a confirmed ticket in minutes.

You may not be able to purchase a train ticket if you need to travel by train unexpectedly. Even if you try hard to purchase tickets in an emergency, nothing happens in such a case. However, knowing the problems that passengers confront, the Indian Railways has developed a special app that will provide immediate services, thereby resolving the issues that passengers are experiencing. This service is listed in the Confirm Ticket, so don’t worry about it.

Confirm Ticket is the official IRCTC partner train app for Indian Railways, allowing users to book train tickets, check seat availability, and view train timetables while offline. Users can use the app to file a TDR for an e-ticket or to cancel a ticket at any moment.

Confirm Ticket is a mobile app that offers information on available Tatkal quota seats. What’s more, train customers will save time by not having to type in the names of different trains along their desired route.

Instead, this app allows users to see all of the data of Tatkal seats that are available in multiple trains travelling on that route. It functions as a one-stop shop for information on Tatkal seats in several trains travelling on a specific route. Users can check the status of all Tatkal seats for all trains travelling on a specific route with this app.

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The Google Play Store is where you can get the app. The app also has a master list for booking tickets that addresses all of your requirements. Before confirming their booking, users can save their trip data. When passengers choose the last booking, this eases the burden.

According to Tatkal booking rules, tickets will be available for purchase starting at 10 a.m., after which travellers can book and pay for their tickets online. Passengers should be aware that Tatkal tickets purchased through this app may be confirmed or placed on a waiting list.

Meanwhile, IRCTC recently announced on its official Twitter account that customers who download the IRCTC Rail Connect app would have access to a number of features that will make booking tickets easier and faster.

The app, according to the IRCTC, gives a quick, straightforward, and convenient way to book or inquire about train tickets in just a few clicks. Passengers will also be able to order tickets in three simple steps.

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