Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Beginners (2024)

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If you have a small room or apartment, you don’t have to skip out on workout; instead, check out these basic home gym equipment options.

Let’s face it, with the pandemic still raging and lock downs looming on the horizon, many of us have taken it upon ourselves to begin exercising at home. Some are doing so by choice, while others are not.
When you’re a fitness fanatic who can’t get to the gym, you’re definitely looking for ways to workout at home. Those of us that do bodybuilding require some type of resistance training, which can only come from weight lifting.

There are possibilities for us to workout at home, regardless of who you are or what your decision is, even if you have limited space, such as a small apartment. Here’s a list of equipment you can use at home, even if you don’t have much space, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Adjustable Kettlebells

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Adjustable kettlebells work in a similar way to adjustable dumbbells in that you can raise the weight range and lock them in place. Some feature a simple mechanism in which you simply press a button to release the weights and then clip in additional sizes, usually in 6-pound increments.

Kettlebells are far more versatile than dumbbells because they may be used for goblet squats, bicep curls, and a variety of other kettlebell exercises. They’re also a terrific space saver because they can be stored in your closet or in a corner.

Skipping Rope

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If you prefer cardio to weights, a skipping rope will always be a must-have for any fitness fanatic. You don’t need much space other than where you’re standing, and if your building has a common area, such as a backyard or courtyard, you can simply carry it out with you because it’s quite portable and light.

Ab Wheel Roller

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You’ve definitely seen these at the gym, where people appear to be flattening out the pastry of a pizza base on the floor while going up and down. These are known as ab rollers, and they may be used to strengthen your core, hips, arms, and back muscles while taking up very little space other than your own body size.

Adjustable Dumbbells Set

Dumbbells are a common component of strength training, and if you’ve ever visited a real gym, you’ll notice that they usually have a whole section dedicated to dumbbells ranging in weight from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. It’s a must-have in the gym.

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Adjustable dumbbells are convenient because they eliminate the need for 20 different dumbbells in your home, which takes up a lot of space. They are similar to regular dumbbells except that the weight is not fixed. They usually come with a locking system and various weight plates that you can attach to the dumbbell and then lock.

This allows you to start with a low number and work your way up as your strength training progresses, which is pretty cool, right?


As you can see, even if you have limited space, you can still get a good exercise with these options. And if you can’t afford any of them right now, you can stick to the old standbys of calisthenics like push ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and so on. Continue to work hard!

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